Medical Polymer Group

Novel Research in Orthopaedic and Biomaterials



Mission Statement

The Medical Polymer Group represents an interdisciplinary team of graduate and undergraduate students who work closely with faculty, surgeons, and industry scientists in order to develop biomaterials for structural function in orthopedic applications. We bring together academic, industrial and clinical perspectives to improve designs and materials used in total joint reconstruction and related devices. Our research broadly spans the device development process. Our current projects includes novel polymer development, mechanical characterization of biomaterials, bench-top testing of innovated implant and material couplings, computational simulations of in-vivo loading, damage assessment of retrievals (micro-and macro-scale), and failure analysis of medical devices.

Our lab is committed to engineering leadership and education. Our research team includes diverse graduate and undergraduate students that span a number of disciplines including mechanical engineering, materials science, bioengineering and orthopedics. We aim to develop an educational center that provides mentorship through research, outreach through teaching, and teamwork through interdisciplinary research. Graduates of our research lab have excellent professional skills sets. Our lab generates thought-leaders and technical communicators, teachers and mentors, and researchers committed to excellence.


Research Topics

  • Wear Testing
  • Fatigue Crack Propagation of UHMWPE
  • Retrievals Analasis
  • UHMWPE Glenoid Analysis
  • Cobalt Chrome Humeral Head Retrievals
  • 3D-Profilometry Analysis of Surface Damage in CoCr Humeral Head Retrievals
  • Modular Junction in Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty